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The Timber Series

Wood: America's Renewable Resource

My journey began down a gravel road in rural Tennessee where 145 acres of trees and hills had been a place to play and explore, to dream and imagine. I had spent the better part of sixteen years on those acres, creating paths and enjoying nature among the oak trees and other hardwoods on this property. It was mine; then it was not. All possessions are only borrowed for a time, even when we might think they belong to us. So this unique timbering journey began and I was allowed to be a witness to the process. Some might be bitter and others even protest the changes I saw. But rather than taking a negative stance, I decided to embrace this adventure, to study and understand the business of timbering from a unique perspective, the perspective of a curious artist. This is my experience carefully captured in photographs and paintings. This is six months of documentation of a changing landscape, of extreme weather, of harvesting trees to fill the need for lumber in this country. It also captures the hard working men who skillfully manipulate machinery to quickly bring down the trees in an organized manner to supply the ever growing need for lumber. This wood will make it's way into furniture or oak barrels for aging whiskey. Maybe it will be used to make veneer. No matter the opinion of the onlooker, we all are consumers of the process, in one way or another. So join me in examining the process of timbering, the process of harvesting this renewable resource.

Before The Reward, Digital B&W Photography on Hahnemühle Digital Fine Art Paper

The Glow of The Landscape, Oil on Linen, 2021

Paintings, Polaroid Pictures, Photography, Engravings & Digiograph Art

"Our landscapes connect us to our history; they are the source of our character as a people, as well as our health, our safety, and our prosperity. Natural resources enrich us economically, yes. But they also enrich us aesthetically and recreationally and culturally and spiritually".

Robert Kennedy, Jr.

Eric Buechel Fine Art

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Coming Late Summer of 2021

A Journey of Timber Harvesting

On Amazon Books Late Summer 2022

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