What My Eyes See

New Work By Eric Buechel Now at The Mason Art Gallery, 415 Plasters Avenue, Atlanta, Georgia 30324

The Pink Umbrella, Oil on Canvas, 30" x 40"

'I paint what I see, I paint what I know,

'I paint what I feel, I paint what I'm closest to,

'I paint what is dearest in my life,

'It may be a city street, or my back yard,

'A family member, a state park,

'An interest I've had as a child,

'A sunny day, a rainy day,

'As long as it's pleasing to me I paint what my eyes see,

Eric Buechel

Eric Buechel Fine Art/ The Bee Hive Atelier

P.O. Box 277 Pleasant Hill, Tennessee 38578 (931) 881-7806

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