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Creative Collaborative of the Cumberlands

Emporium Center / Arts & Culture Alliance, Knoxville, Tennessee 100 S Gay St, Knoxville, TN 37902

Opening Night November 6th, 2020. For additional information please go to the A&C Alliance website

Action Expressionism

Our artistic journey began by exploring works of previous abstract artists, particularly Jackson Pollock. As a group, we wanted to explore those things not found in nature. We wanted to connect with the viewer by creating an emotional bond through the use  of patterns, colors, tones, and lines. Our goal was to reflect expressive movements through the end design; some were by hand and others through mechanical means. The colors chosen would play a role but be secondary to the motion of the lines. The materials used were as important as the end result created. What began as an exercise to loosen up our painting styles quickly turned into a color theory process of wheels. From hanging paint containers on a line from a tree to spilling paint to a moving canvas, the effect differed in more ways than we thought possible. 

As a group, we have discovered that there are endless results that can be achieved through the use of a variety of materials but the unplanned elements surprised us all and kept the project fresh and exciting, every step of the way. 

The artists involved are: Eric Buechel, Sharon Bush, Pat Schudiske, Jerry Sparks, Mike Sparks, and Bob Stevens.

Eric Buechel Fine Art/ The Bee Hive Atelier

P.O. Box 277  Pleasant Hill, Tennessee 38578  (931) 881-7806  


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Eric Buechel Fine Art P.O. Box 277  Pleasant Hill, Tennessee 38578  (931) 881-7806

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