Supering Our Beehive Over The Weekend

The time has come for Kathy and I to add a medium size super to our busiest hive. It's an enjoyable chore which I took advantage of for future paintings. After getting the gear ready well in advance this exercise was quick and easy and seeing our busy queen made it even more exciting. The hive body and the first super is strictly for the bees and only the supers above will be for our use. The images on this blog will give you an idea how I gather up my subject matter to make my apiarist paintings.

The Inspection of The Colony, Watercolor and Gouache on 550 lb. Rag Arches Paper.

Sheet Size 22" x 30". First exhibited at the McGhee Tyson Airport 2016

Eric Buechel Fine Art/ The Bee Hive Atelier

P.O. Box 277

Pleasant Hill Tennessee 38578

(931) 881-7806

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