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The Treasures Water Brings

The title of my latest painting is "The Treasures Water Brings". The artwork is a mixed media painting in which I used transparent colors and thinly apply them to the surface of the paper. This particular task is known as glazing. With this technique the surface allows light to penetrate the underlying layers below and light is reflected back, causing the pigments underneath to glow from the light hitting the pigments underside. This is what gives the glow to the surface or better know as luminosity. While there are many layers in this work, it is the last steps to the layering which are most important to the effect I'm looking to do. In the final steps, I mix oil paint and wax to form a translucent glaze which gives a slightly milky effect. The technique here results in a dreamlike atmospheric effect resulting in the softening of the reflective light from the image.

The Tennessee State Park Series: The location in the painting is located at Fall Creek Falls State Park, near Spencer, Tennessee.

Non-Static Impressionism & Transparent/Translucent Glazing: Mixed Media On 300 lb. Watercolor Paper: 20" x 20" on 300 lb. The work is a combination of watercolor, ink, gouache, acrylic, oil paint and wax.

Eric Buechel Fine Art/ The Bee Hive Atelier

P.O. Box 277

Pleasant Hill Tennessee 38578

(931) 881-7806

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Eric Buechel Fine Art P.O. Box 277  Pleasant Hill, Tennessee 38578  (931) 881-7806

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