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Diego's Dance With Penguins

This large mixed media painting (32" x 36"), is one in a series of three I developed after visiting Diego Rivera's masterpiece mural in the Detroit Institute of Arts. I chose to keep only the Rivera Court floor in this particular painting and added these flightless birds into my painting knowing very well these creatures never would have been on Diego's list of allegories. But as in most of my work I wanted to add a deeper meaning then simply something which sparked my interest.

Psychological/emotional perspectives:

These playful creatures if seen in a dream are said to express frustration in dealing with those who do not have a positive influence around you and Rivera certainty had his difficulty while he painted his murals in Detroit. Another meaning is if there are problems in your life that you have magnified, even though they may not be that serious, a person can manage them and overcome those obstacles. And, if one remains calm, you can expect to be in better control of your surroundings. That seems to fit perfectly with these water dancing fowl and the project that Diego faced with his "Detroit Sistine Chapel Mural". And finally, if these dream were to continue, it could mean that you need to halt what you are doing and take control of the situation presented to you. If you can dig deep and find your inner balance and harmony, you can overcome nearly any negative situation, such as Rivera did with his murals in Detroit.

Diego's Dance With Penguins, Mixed Media: Watercolor, Gouache, Ink, Oil Paint and Wax On 550 Lb Arches Watercolor Paper, 32" x 36"

Eric Buechel Fine Art/ The Bee Hive Atelier

P.O. Box 277

Pleasant Hill Tennessee 38578

(931) 881-7806


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