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The Jubilee Celebration in Westminster Abbey - June 21st 1887 Commemorative of the Fiftieth Year of

I purchased this print some time ago and it was once owned and signed on the reverse side by the Canadian poet Edythe Morahan de Lauzon. I've restored the print and eliminated the foxing to nearly pristine condition. This is a very rare print especially when you consider it was printed during the Victoria era and anyone that was fortunate to own such a print would have needed to frame and cover it with a large piece of glass.

Queen Victoria (1819-1901) commissioned a painting from the Scottish artist William Lockhart (1836-1900) to capture the thanksgiving service held on June 21, 1887 in Westminster Abbey celebrating her fiftieth year in office or Golden Jubilee. Lockhart painted for three years, inviting many of the attendees to pose in his studio so he could make an accurate document. The finished oil painting was then photographed and a photogravure made in Berlin, which was sold by William Doig and Company in 1890. Princeton University Link

The Jubilee Celebration in Westminster Abbey - June 21st 1887, Commemorative of the Fiftieth Year of the Reign of Queen Victoria. Sheet Size: 29 3/8" x 38 1/2".

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