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New Art By Eric Buechel

Eric Buechel (born July 2, 1958) is an American painter/artist and photographer who has won national recognition as a photorealist painter, through his large-scale portraits. In addition, Buechel often paints cityscapes of Nashville along with portraits of his family and friends. His works are in private collections throughout the world and is represented by the Local Color Gallery in Nashville, Tennessee. Buechel lives and works in Pleasant Hill, Tennessee far from Madison Avenue where he once worked as an illustration and art director before moving to central Tennessee. His wife Kathy is often the subject of his work.

Portrait of Kathy By Eric Buechel, 40" x 30", oil on canvas

Buechel has incorporated the very time consumming glazing techniques called sfumato, which means "Like-Smoke" used by Leonardo di Vinci. By painting a transparent compound color over another color that is composed of, but which differs from, each of the simple colors.

Left side detail

Upper right side detail of butterfly

Detail of butterfly

Over 16 layers of glaze has been layered over the portrait. The first layer was the color sap green with a small amount of transparent earth orange.

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