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My latest watercolor painting is titled: "Time Spent With Our Pets Is Never Wasted"

Most of us would admit to needing a little bit more time, maybe money and perhaps a tiny piece of chocolate– but that’s another story. If your like me your life can get pretty busy — especially during this time of the year. Long days filled with work, visiting friends, mowing the lawn, family, and relationships. Combine all of these things and it affects our relationships with our pets and how much time we are able to spend with them. Some of us may be lucky enough to spend all day at home with our little fuzzball friends, others get little special time with them. With that it should come as no surprise that no matter how busy our schedule are, one-on-one time with them is essential, both for your pets and for us! The painting I've made here is a little reminder to me of these moments and that "Time Spent With Our Pets Is Never Wasted".

Details of painting

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Eric Buechel Fine Art/ The Bee Hive Atelier

P.O. Box 277

Pleasant Hill Tennessee 38578

(931) 881-7806

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Eric Buechel Fine Art P.O. Box 277  Pleasant Hill, Tennessee 38578  (931) 881-7806

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